Looking to appeal to the “Zoomer” Generation, AU adds Majors in Fortnite and Fidget Spinning


by Lucas Trevor

In a press release put out on Friday morning, the American University Board of Trustees announced a decision they have been grappling with for a long time. They are officially adding the majors of Bachelors of Fidget Spinning, and Bachelors of Arts in Fortnite. 

The reasoning behind it is two-fold: first, as the press release states, the university “is interested in expanding its reach to the ever changing pool of High School students,” and this was “far and away the most logical and likely step.” According to leaked internal documents from the Board of Trustees, other, less ‘radical’ ideas were presented. Among these were changing the American University mascot from Clawed Z. Eagle to Bryce Z. Fat Cloud or announcing Logan Paul as WONK of the Year for 2020. Ultimately, these proposals were rejected because they did not go far enough. 

The leaked document’s rendering of Bryce Z. Fat Cloud towering over Bender Arena

The leaked document’s rendering of Bryce Z. Fat Cloud towering over Bender Arena

The second suspected reason behind the change was a need to diversify the majors and classes offered at the newly established School of Education. Prior to this expansion the school only offered eleven degrees across both majors and minors. With this expansion the school creates a credibility to their curriculum, and since both of these majors are first of their kind, two nationally ranked programs.

The student response to the additions has been mixed. Gamers and fans of useless toys for children are supportive of the move, but ‘vape gods’ and members of the ‘Logang’ are disappointed by the rejected proposals. 

Freshman Drew Eubanks, who has logged upwards of 1,400 hours on Fortnite said of the change, “I think I speak for all of the gamers in saying that we are an incredibly oppressed minority. We do not receive the same representation and civil rights as the general population. For too long we gamers have been second class citizens in our own country. How many times must I be laughed out of a Reddit chatroom for wanting my art to be considered on the same level as other forms? How many times must I be told that Takis and Bagel Bites are not ‘gamer fuel’? How many voices must be silenced before those in power must make a change. What American University is doing is changing the conversation around gamers and our experiences. American University is fundamentally changing how we see the world, and how the world sees us.”

Not all students are happy with the change. Responding to the leaked documents, junior and self described ‘vape lord’ Liz Williams was frustrated. “AU almost became the number one spot for ripping clouds 8 days a week. I don’t want to say that northwest DC’s resident dragon breathers are gonna avoid American, but they don’t exactly feel welcome.” 

Senior SIS Major Chris Boucher is also not pleased with the change, specifically with the timing of it. Saying in a blog post to his Odyssey Online page, “I mean like sure it’s good that they added these majors, but I feel like these would have been much more relevant like 3 years ago. Like fidget spinners were a thing in high school I guess, but Fortnite has not been relevant for a minute.” 

Applications to transfer into the new Majors are now open. If students are under 18 they will need a parent present to fill out the form.