About the rival american

American University students love to talk. Whether that's in Club Lib or on the quad, we're always discussing, challenging, and learning. But our staff at The Rival American saw a trend- our conversations were often confined to Facebook statuses or in the black hole that is a Twitter feed. They could be one-sided, harsh, and ultimately shut down any free flow of thought that started the discussion in the first place.

Enough of that. This is a place for ideas and opinions to be borne, changed, researched, and changed again.

Our staff features Writers, Strategists, and Editors from all wonks of life at AU. We want a non-judgmental platform to flesh out our thoughts and, quite simply, talk like college students. We don't have everything right, we're going to make mistakes, but we're going to challenge each other in the process and push for personal development, not perfection.

Welcome to our space.