Swear Jar Episode 1: At the Oscars, All Roads Lead to Twilight

Swear Jar is The Rival American's great experiment -- our first foray into what all the twenty-somethings your parents know are doing...Podcasting!

Each week, a panel of staff writers and social strategists from the Rival will join Noah Stevens, producer and quasi-host, to talk all things AU and all things expressly not AU. Each panelist only gets one swear word per episode -- after that, Noah has to edit them out, and a quarter goes into the Swear Jar. 

This week, Noah is joined by Sarah Ross, Jacob Wallace, Jack Purcell, Amelia Brady, and special guest Anying Guo, managing editor of The Rival, to talk all things Oscars -- specifically, how everything ties back to Twilight in the end, and how Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are definitely meant to be together.