Do You Think Doing Esports Makes You Cool?

Really Good at Games, only weeks before the scandal.

Really Good at Games, only weeks before the scandal.

by Zane Goins

BREAKING — The Rival has just been made aware of a scandal that has rocked the esports world to its very core.

Professional gamer Blake Smith, the 22-year-old Attack Force International player, has seen his career come to a screeching halt. He has been accused of taking speed before performing in an ESPN streamed competition.

Speed, the drug the US military has used to such great effect, has been known to drastically enhance the response time of esports players in their struggle to win.

Smith is the third highest ranked player of Attack Force International and has been immediately banned from further competition until this matter has been resolved.

His current esports team, the Really Good at Games team based out of Washington, DC, is scrambling to find a replacement before their tournament next month in Portland, where the grand prize will reportedly be $50 and a team meal voucher to the only local Buffalo Wild Wings, known in the esports world as “BDubs”.

The Really Good at Games team, in coordination with their sponsor Chili’s, has released a statement to the public regarding the accusations:

“The team, along with the Chili’s line of family restaurants, absolutely condemns any illicit drugs when it comes to the revered game of Attack Force International and hopes that the esports world can come back from such a devastating loss.”

Ethan Smith (no relation) also spoke to The Rival about the allegations.

“As team captain, these things hit you hard. We are supposed to be role models for children across America,” said Smith (Ethan). “We, with classic American restaurant Chili’s’ guidance, hope to quickly bounce back and continue making our name known internationally.”

After this, Smith (Ethan) made it a point to pull me aside and stressed that these remarks were his and his alone with absolutely no guidance given from Chili’s or any other classic American restaurant.

The esports world is considered a haven for thousands of professional athletes hoping to find community amongst fellow gamers. The community hopes that it can make it through this scandal relatively unscathed.

The Rival American will continue reporting on this story as the investigation unfolds.