Waste of Time

This piece was submitted by a member of the LGBTQ+ community at American University as part of the Rival American’s Pride Week. Their views do not necessarily represent that of The Rival American or its staff. If you’d like to submit your own work, please do so with our submission drive which will be open until Thursday, April 25th.


By Grace Hasson

Poetry is a waste of time.
Why would I write about his maze inside
Or her tongue wrapping around mine
When I could have had my hand down someone's jeans
I don't learn, I want who I want and feed on their disease

Boys, girls, I’ll taste them then set them free
So I can set myself at ease
Saying I’ll rewrite our stories with poetry
Let rhymes take over each potential lover
And pretend they healed me with

The way I wanted her to suck the blood from my neck
The way I wanted to belong in the sheets of his bed
Too many people, too beautiful to forget
I’ll write a line about them, cross it out
And find myself instead

My name's Grace and I'm a dedicated poet and writer. I'm a freshman at AU studying Literature and Music. I'm a member of AmLit and Her Campus and love the color purple.